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Travels with my quilts

14 Feb

Here we are in Florence on St. Valentine’s Day thinking of loved ones near and far and hoping that all is well in their world. I have to admit designing and making the hexagon rosettes for the quilts I am creating for the twins has made me realise how important it is to maintain connections with home when travelling. Transcend back in time 150 years and realise how very difficult it must have been to receive news from home. At the last DRB book club meeting before I left Edinburgh, we read: The Last Runaway by Tracey Chavalier (see previous post for details). Threaded between the main theme of runway slaves is the story of the lives of Quaker families living in Ohio. I was fascinated by the descriptions of the making of the wedding quilts, the link to home for people who realised they would possibly never see their family back home ever again.

How lucky we are to be able to use all the internet resources available today, yes there are frustrations, and in my case a certain phobia towards technology.  However, here I am sitting in my beautiful motor home, Lola, with a glass of Prosecco , making contact with my DRB family.

I have now completed 46 hexagon rosettes for the quilt and am awaiting the delivery of some more beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn fabric from Gabby my neighbour in Edinburgh, owner of Tinker & Belle  a handmade Children’s Wear design company. I have chosen one of Liberty’s new designs with an Alice in Wonderland theme,  A book to purchase for Gangster Granny’s library.  I loved it as a child, particularily the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

I thought you might like to know,  Random my bear , is essential to the Great Twins Quilt Project and is taking every opportunity to be photographed with the rosettes. See below pics as we travelled through France en route to Italy.

Random at lunch in the medieval city of Agues Morte

At lunch in the medieval city of Agues Morte

In Arles home of Vincent Van Gough

In Arles  at Cafe Van Gough


On the train to Avignon to dance on the bridge

On the train to Avignon to dance on the bridge

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